Virginia's Writing

Books for Keeps

For several years Virginia has produced a column in each issue of Books for Keeps , an english online journal:
alled "Two Children Tell". It is about two young childrens responses to books. 

Academic Writing 

We are currently compiling a list of Virginia's academic publications - please check back here soon for more links.

Many publications are already published at

Others are at ResearchGate :

Her latest academic publication is "It’s All Shiny and There’s No Pollution: Barbapapa’s Ark, Environmental Influences" in Children's Literature in Eduction - 

‘But Animals Can’t Talk’: Young Children, the Fantastic and Humour” this one was first published in German here is the english version -:

There are also academic papers published on ReseachGate for instance:

"Twas brillig: Two Children and Alice" -'Twas_brillig_Two_Children_and_Alice