Writing Novels for Junior & Young Adult Readers.

The novel e-course can be purchased as ten documents for $120.

Novels can be YA (young adult, meaning adolescents), fantasy, or perhaps picture novels for the children's/kid's market.

The option with personalised feedback for $700

This course is designed to provide new and emerging writers with a solid grounding in the techniques
of novel writing. Major topics include: kidsb090.gif - 279 Bytes

  • Style
  • Point of View
  • Characterisation
  • Setting
  • Dialogue
  • Structure



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Each of these will be explored in depth, with examples provided and exercises to be completed and returned for constructive criticism and comment. At the stage, the course is offered as a correspondence course and consists of ten modules. It is possible to complete the course in ten weeks if desired, however there is no time limit.

Writers already working on a junior or young adult novel will be able to submit sections of their work for assessment and comment. Upon completing this course, participants who complete a novel within twelve months are offered a 20% reduction if they submit this for assessment to Create a Kids’ Book.

Your tutor has twelve years’ experience in teaching fiction writing – short story writing and novel writing – at tertiary level. She has had four novels published – one adult, two junior novels and one young adult. She continues to write, edit, assess and give guest lectures and workshops.

This is a rare opportunity for writers to receive ongoing feedback on their work and is suitable for those already working on a novel – and those who are ‘thinking’ about one.

The cost is $700 for ten modules, each with an assignment for comment and feedback. Monthly e-bulletins on writing, publishing and events are included.

To register for an e-course, ring Virginia on 03 9578 5689 or Email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.