from Adam Wallace

2011_03_29_NegateesI have just released my most recent picture book, and I would love to send it to you to see what you think. Part of the reason for this is that a few years ago, when I was just starting out, I spent a day doing the Create a Kid's Book workshop at Books Illustrated. It was one of the kick-starts that got me going.

The Negatees is a labour of love that began eight years ago at the workshop. It was fantastic being able to workshop the story, get advice, chat about it, and be able to go back and rework the story. And now, to see it in print with amazing illustrations is a dream come true.

I am now a full-time author and love every minute of it. 

Share-A-Not is greedy a greedy monster, who steals others' pet rocks, and refuses to give them back. Of course he's converted to the joys of owning just a few things, at the end, and is known as Share-A-Lot now. The name is reminiscent of Lancelot, but the similarly ends there – the monsters are cute and kids will probably love them. They have no problem with computer-generated work. The rhyme is fun, and the concepts – especially digging up a whole hill to own all the rocks in it, and how the townsfolk defeat the bully – are way over the top.


The Share-A-Not (illustrated by Heath McKenzie, published by JoJo Publishing.