The Tree House

2014 05 16 Tree house


"In her April Bulletin, Dr Virginia Lowe, who was Toni’s first ever picture book teacher and mentor, reviewed Toni’s latest picture book,

The Tree House’, illustrated by Melbourne illustrator, Michele Gaudion.

Virginia introduces her review with the comments,

‘A lovely looking book, with the tree house itself featured on the cover, with the swing for three hanging under it.

Emma wants Teresa to be able to climb a tree with her. Mummy says it is possible, despite the fact that she is in a wheelchair, as long as they all help her. So Dad and Grandpa build an elaborate house, but while Emma pushes Teresa down to watch them building, she tips up the wheelchair, and Teresa has to go to hospital in an ambulance.’

To tell any more would give away the story!" 

the above is an excerpt from Toni's Blog: See the full details at: