Wot si U

2010 05 29 Wotsiu


When you have an idea and passionate desire to share it, who better to go to for advice and encouragement than someone with experience, honesty and skill. I have recently created, published and presented my first book to over a hundred children and now, with the launch fast approaching, I am ever grateful for the words of Virginia Lowe and Peter Carnavas, “I am interested to see where this will go.” That was encouragement enough to proceed with my idea and take it all the way to the public arena. Thank you Virginia, for your expertise, encourage and advice.

Terese Eglington

Wot-si-u and the Whispering Wattles

by Terese Eglington

Wot-si-u and the Whispering Wattles is a timeless tale about an Iron Bark tree, the only tree left standing in a cleared paddock. Feeling isolated and lonely, Wot-si-u learns to appreciate his surroundings by looking carefully at all that is around him. He gains the knowledge handed down over generations and connects with the world around him. With a new and positive outlook on life the world is a much brighter place.