WindcatcherI began my writing career at 58yrs, at one of Virginia’s ‘Create a Kinds Book’ workshops. This workshop absolutely sent me on my way with the basic knowledge I needed. The picture book paging plan was invaluable and so was the encouragement I received for my very first try at a story. In 9 years since, I have had 5 books published. Windcatcher is being released October 1 and I have my next book at editing stage. Thanks Virginia for the confidence you inspired in me and for your cheery greeting and support every time we had met since.

Craig has created a masterpiece!!! He has been so sensitive to my story and the awe these tiny birds instilled in me when I heard their story. The CSIRO are a wonderful team to work with. Thanks for the review opportunity - and that very first workshop.

Warm wishes,
Diane Jackson Hill