Me and My Family Tree

2014  03 18 Me and MyFamilyTree 

 I'm so proud to have finally published my Childrens Book which has been around eight years in the making! 

Over a year ago now, I felt my dusty manuscript and mocked-up booklet of detailed colour sketches was in a
pretty good shape to be assessed by Create a Kids Book.  I'd reached a point where I need to know what to do next!  Virginia gave me some valuable suggestions including creating subtle sub plots within the illustrations, which I enjoyed working on, and it really enhanced the characters in the story.  

I self-published with Mono Unlimited, (another tip from Create a Kids book!) - Monique Lisbon is an absolute magician with her computer support, book design knowledge and contacts.  

The process was easy, and the result - Beautiful! 

 A light-hearted discovery of 'differences and similarities'

A journey of awareness... as young Emily discovers that the differences and similarities that bind our extended familiestogether are, in fact what make each of us unique.

RRP $19.95

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