Grandma's Place

2009-09-18grandmaplaceWritten by James Stead and illustrated by Majory Gardner

“How does your Grandma cuddle you?”
This is just one of the many questions a child will encounter when they experience Grandma’s Place.  Grandma’s Place is an interactive picture book which encourages children to explore, and reflect upon the special bond they share with their Grandmother. On a visit to Grandma’s place Jess experiences and creates memories that will last a life time.

As a writer it is important to receive critical feedback from someone who has worked within the industry and from someone who has a writing background. Virginia is passionate about picture books and children’s literature. Virginia and (Marlo’s) advice played an important part in the publication of Grandma’s Place.   It certainly gave me confidence to send Grandma’s Place out into the market place after receiving their critical feedback.  I recommend Virginia’s services to all ‘want to be’ picture book authors.

James Stead

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