memories in print

memories in print
Memories in print


Do you want to

  • preserve the stories your mother tells?
  • make a festschrift honouring someone's life?
  • write an interesting family history?

Memoirs! Biographies! Autobiographies! Ghost Writing!

Memories in Print operational again!

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Dr. Virginia Lowe has written a number of biographies of elderly people for their families. She will be available for consultation on the wring process - which photos to collect, what research needs doing, how to construct a chronology, what makes an interesting narrative and similar details, including where and how to have it printed and bound.


Childhood memories


We haven’t worked out full prices yet, but we will  offer everything from editing a finished work, arranging for publication in print or digital – right through to the whole service – interviewing, transcribing, editing, writing, designing the book and printing. Many elderly people get a lot of pleasure from telling their stories in detail to someone who hasn’t heard them before, and a beautifully presented volume – marbled end papers, ribbon page-mark – makes a splendid 90th birthday present. Or cheaper but substantial binding, given to all the family as Christmas presents. Does this sound like something you would like to have prepared – is there someone in your life who would appreciate having their biography written? Or who has written one and would love to see it turned into a book? Or has been making tapes of their life for months and would get huge pleasure from seeing them turned into a proper narrative? 


War experiences


If you know of anyone working on their biography, or an elderly person who would appreciate telling their stories to a friendly stranger, you could get them to contact us on 03 9578 5689 or 0400488100, or via the email or the website.

Sandra Bradshaw will conduct the interviews (in Melbourne only, at this stage), transcribing and writing up, Jennifer Dabbs will do the editing service, Jo Thompson will do special design and layouts when required, and I will overview all the processes, and read the final versions. Good fun!


Often elderly people respond better to a stranger, being loath to submit their families yet again to their stories.  They enjoy starting afresh with a new person.



Telling personal stories
Memories in Print charges $65 an hour for consultation, interviewing, travel time, transcription, and writing services.