Crackpot by Fiona Trembath

It was a ten year journey in getting my first children’s book published... I still remember the day Euan Mitchell called from Avant Press to say he loved my story and would like to publish it.  Music to a writer’s ears!  

2013 05 30 CrackpotPrior to Euan’s phone call, in the Eighth Year Of Hope, I decided to pull out all stops and do whatever it took to get the story over the line, and so approached Virginia and her team for a manuscript appraisal. It was the most rewarding and delightful process I could have wished for; Virginia not only validated the merit of the story, but also pointed out potential flaws, inconsistencies and a few other issues that would (and in effect, did) make all the difference. Virginia then teamed me up with Jennifer Dabs, who then enabled me to polish the manuscript even more. As an editor myself, it was a wonderful experience to work with another editor who knew my story and characters as much as I did. In fact, I felt very humbled.  (All hail the editor!)

And thus, Crackpot was polished to within an inch of its life, and off it went to my first ever writing competition (CYA  Competition in 2006) which it won, and then onto the Voices on the Coast writing competition in 2007, which it also won.

I know, without a doubt, that without Virginia’s vote of confidence and the professional eye of Jennifer, Crackpot wouldn’t have been so successful.

Sure, it took another two years to find a publisher, but the professional votes of confidence buoyed me up enough to NEVER give up.

And so tadaaa! Here it is.  Three years later, and is still selling, although all sales are now digital and direct from my website (I reclaimed all copies when Angus and Robertson bookstores closed, deciding to take distribution under my own wing.)

Crackpot and my story of its journey is now part of a teacher’s package within the arena of positive education, and is being re-branded and re-launched at the Positive Schools Conference in Melbourne on June 6 2013. As a children’s author I have spoken to thousands of children all over Victoria and in some parts of the USA, hoping to inspire persistence, patience, humour and courage in never giving up on a dream.

Thank you, Virginia, for enabling my dream to be fulfilled.

And here’s my blog entry on the publishing journey story: